Wednesday, October 14, 2009

SAP TechEd 2009 - day 1

The TechEd key notes/sessions/hands/networking events on are great.

Ray Kurzweil was one of key note speakers. I'm following his site for many years. His predictions shocked a lot of people, to whom I've talked after presentation.

One of the sessions that demonstrated how to get fast benefits for many SAP customers was "SAP Archiving–Strategic Planning Vs. Tactical Planning Vs. Logistical
Planning". According to speaker (Stephen M. Wright), archiving can reduce operating costs (storage/DR network) and reduce downtime (by 40%) during SPs.

Demo Jam was amazing. The project Yowie (context-based architecture -
SAP research) and SAP - No Hands (event-based architecture Live
Enterprise - SAP Labs) were the best.

The collaboration innovation lab (COIL) of Intel/VMWare/SAP (session
BI222) produced interesting results too. They achieved 11230 SAPS
(1600 concurrent users in CRM scenario measured SAP CRM benchmarking
tool) in VM using 8 CPU (Xeon 5500) commodity server. They estimate,
that VM layer introduced 15% overhead in their scenario. COIL is
opened for all customers. So we may use it for POT/POC.

I have interesting discussions on mobile platform with SkyTechnology
(RIM/SAP partner) and Syclo. Both of them have solutions in PM/GIS
areas. SkyTechnology is offering QuickStart Plus Program - 3 days
on-site assessment and prototype build. All their server-side coding done
in ABAP and tightly integrated with SolMan.

IBM networking session gave a good review of their i-series
capabilities for SAP. Their customers said, that they save a lot on
maintenance/administration/licensing compare to p-series.

Microsoft said, that MS SQL Server 2008 EE 64-bit is now in "major
league" for SAP implementations and can sustain ~3000 SAP concurrent
users. 200 of their SAP customers have SAP database size > 1TB and
some has 10TB. Also they are offering 4-days free advanced training
for SAP admins and Architecture Design Sessions.

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